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time and attendance
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What our clients say about us

Just to say how pleased we are with our time machine - easily copes with our multiple shift patterns (can't believe we have so many!), how much useful reporting data we are able to extract and how much quicker and easier it makes our payroll function.

Fortunately we have only had to use your support services two or three times, but they are well up to speed - fascinating how they can access my PC remotely
Guy Lewis CML
time and attendance

Thanks for the good service.
Ashley - PanelPaint
time and attendance

Very pleased with the service you have provided over the years.
Mrs Brown - Hordeans
time and attendance

Got a question?

Paystandard Sage Payroll Link Software

Payroll link software for automatic & professional processing of employee
seamlessly into your Sage Payroll program...

... All by the click of one button.

ORDER NOW CALL 0800 808 7733

How does this Paystandard payroll link software work?

You record your staff times using your usual data collection method.
Then using our payroll link software, import them into Sage Payroll just as if you had typed them yourself.

• Accurately - 100% accuracy
• Rapidly - 500 employees takes less than 3 seconds
• Safely - repeatable with super-safe error trapping and correction
• Affordable - cost effective and trustworthy

How do I collect the hours worked?

• From your existing time and attendance system
• From your own spreadsheets (Excel, Access, etc), clock cards and databases
• Or any application that can produce text files

Will it work with my existing time and attendance system?

The answer is almost certainly.

How fast is it?

On a clients site they transferred payroll information of 500 employees into Sage Payrol in less than 2 seconds

Paystandard works with any system that can export a CSV file including these popular systems:

ALTO Basic ALTO Pro ATR6000
ATR9800 Kelio Micronet Intragral DOS Version
Micronet OnTime Pro Microsoft Access Microsoft Excel
SORPANO Basic SOPRANO Pro Timestandard 2
Timestandard3 TOUCHtime TOUCHtime Pro 1100
TOUCHtime Pro TOUCHtime Pro+ 1000 TOUCHtime Pro

Very easy to setup and one-click to operate

It's easy once the software is set-up (takes only five minutes even for the "computer terrified") - once this initial setup is completed, it's all fully automatic. Just click one button to make it all happen. The figures appear in the "enter payments" section within Payroll ready for you to accept or reject - the choice is yours.

Paystandard accepts files containing employee hours in a variety of formats.
  • Allows you to add to, deduct from or delete existing amounts in your
    Sage Payroll if you are running cumulative pay or cumulative periods.

  • Each employee can have different and multiple "pay rate mappings"
    allowing one-to-many/many-to-one relationships between the hours
    column in your file and the Sage pay rates (ideal for bonus calculations).
  • One to 99,999 companies with various levels of employees up to 99,999.

  • Times can be in hours and minutes as well as "decimal time" (1.50 hours or 1 hour 30 minutes)

  • Also allows for amounts of money as well as amounts of hours

  • Software developers - Your own programs can be made to link seamlessly
    to Paystandard® and without our help!

Who uses Paystandard?

Payroll bureau and Payroll departments of leading companies throughout the UK.

Who needs Paystandard?

If you're still typing in hours by hand, then YOU DO.

Extremely "computer phobia friendly" controls with plain English error trapping, full on-line help and manual.

ORDER NOW CALL 0800 808 7733

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